This is who I am!

"Some people grew up wanting to be a doctor, some grew up wanting to be an Actor,

I grew up wanting to be a Soldier!"

This is my story:

I grew up in Sylmar, California and at the age of 18 I joined the Army. At this point I was sent to Germany and found myself right smack in the middle of the Cold War. I married in 1983 to the former Carol Karmgard. We moved around the world at the expense of the Military. As the years passed, I was able to put myself through college graduating with a B.S. in Recreation Management from Columbus State 1994 and with an MBA from University of Phoenix in 2008.

I retired from the Army in 1996.

While stationed in Georgia, my wife and I started our first window washing company.  Most of the work was done by her. The best move we ever made!  This time,  the work will be with me, starting

Pane In The Glass Window Cleaning.

My dear wife has since passed and I have taken over the company. I have since returned to California and now live in Santa Clarita. I am ready to take on all of your window cleaning issues. 

Steven Bocek, President, Pane In The Glass Business Services